NGK to Increase Production Capacity for High-precision NOx Sensor

January 25, 2012

NGK Insulators, Ltd. (President: Taro Kato; Headquarters: Nagoya, Japan) has announced an increase of production capacity for vehicle high-precision NOx sensors, which detect NOx density in vehicle exhaust gas. NGK expects to see a rapid expansion in demand for NOx sensors with a worldwide tightening of diesel exhaust gas regulations and therefore will increase its annual production capacity to seven million units by 2014 to ensure a stable supply of NOx sensors.

Overview of Increasing NOx Sensor Production (planned)

1. Production capacity after investment:
7 million units per annum (Present: 2.4 million units per annum)

2. Amount of investment:
4.7 billion yen

3. Start Date of Production:
Production capacity raised in steps until January 2014

4. Location of Investment:
NGK's Komaki factory and NGK Ceramics Devices Co., Ltd.(Komaki, Aichi Prefecture) for production of zirconia ceramic elements and NGK Ceramics Polska Sp. z o.o.(Gliwice, Poland) for the assembly process

The NOx sensor has been developed and commercialized by NGK and its cooperation partner Continental which is making the final sensor module including sensor and electronics. The sensor is the world's first product which is mounted in an automobile's exhaust pipe and detects the NOx density in the exhaust gas at the ppm (parts per million) level for optimal control of the exhaust gas purifier and for diagnosis of its failure.

Automobile exhaust gas regulations have been strengthened worldwide. With regard to diesel vehicles in particular, the regulations for nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, in addition to particulate matter (PM) emissions, are being further strengthened. Following the regulations currently in effect such as the United States' US10 emission standard, the European Euro 5 regulations and Japan's post new long-term regulations, the European Union will introduce Euro 6 in 2014. In China, Euro 5-based regulations will take effect in 2015 in some metropolitan areas. NGK and Continental will build a solid position as worldwide leaders in the field of NOx sensors, expanding production capacity to meet growing demand.

12-volt version (first-generation SNS)24-volt version (second-generation SNS)

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