NGK and Italian TSO (Terna) came to an agreement for supply of NAS battery system

May 14, 2013

NGK INSULATORS, LTD.(President: Taro Kato, Head office: Nagoya)and Terna S.p.A, Italy's largest transmission system operator (TSO) came to a framework agreement for supply of NAS (Sodium – Sulfur) battery system.
This represents the first large scale NAS battery energy storage system installation in European grid system.

According to the framework agreement, maximum quantity equal to 70,000kW (490,000kWh for 7 hours discharge) of the NAS battery system will be supplied for installation in the Italian transmission grid. The first phase order under this agreement is expected with the volume of 35,000kW (245,000kWh)-and with contract price of the system of about 100million euros.

In order to achieve CO2 emissions reduction targets, European nations have agreed to increase the percentage of renewable generation to 20% by 2020. Italy recorded a 72% increase in solar generation and a 34% increase in wind generation during 2012.

TERNA plans to utilize the superior response characteristics and large energy storage capacity of the NAS battery system by installing at substation to balance the demand and supply of electricity instantaneously and stabilize the transmission grid for optimum performance under the massive increase of intermittent renewable energy.

Company Profiles

1. Terna S.p.A

Head office
Rome, Italy

Date Established
1999 (became independent from ENEL, Italian electric utility, within the process for the deregulation of the Italian electricity sector)

Key Business Activities
Management and development of national electricity transmission line in Italy

Number of employees
nearly 3,500

Flavio Cattaneo, CEO


Head office
Nagoya, Japan

Date Established

Key Business Activities
Manufacture and sale of electric power related equipment including insulators NAS (Sodium and Sulfur) battery, and of industrial ceramic and beryllium copper products; and plant engineering

Number of employees
3,426 (as of March, 2013)

Taro Kato, President

About the project reopening of the NAS battery system for United Arab Emirates
NGK was awarded 300MW NAS battery system in 2009 from ADWEA (Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority) in UAE, and the agreement has been reviewed and reached to supply a reduced volume of 60MW NAS battery system. Delivery will start from this fiscal year.

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