Infection of COVID-19 recently reported at NGK Work Site in Japan (as of April 10)

April 10, 2020

On April 9, NGK INSULATORS, LTD. (President Taku Oshima; Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture Japan; hereafter “NGK”) newly confirmed that an employee of NGK CERAMIC DEVICE CO., LTD. (Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan), a group company of NGK, has tested positive for COVID-19.

1. Status of employee

Employee C (male in his 50s)
The employee in question (Employee “C”) was a close contact of the NGK employee (Employee “B”) who tested positive for COVID-19 on April 7. They worked on the same floor. Employee C has not come to work since developing a fever on April 6 and underwent a COVID-19 virus test on April 8, and the test returned positive April 9. The employee has not traveled abroad within the last 14 days.

2. Current status

We disinfected the buildings in which Employee C and any members who came into contact with the employee in question worked and the facilities on April 8. All employees on the floor where the employee worked have already been on standby at home since April 8. We will monitor their health conditions and are working with the competent public health center to identify those with high levels of contact.

The employee in question works in the engineering department of in-vehicle sensor (non-production department) and the operation of the plant is not affected.

We sincerely apologize for any anxiety or concern that this news might cause people in the immediate and surrounding regions.
We will continue to ensure the well-being and safety of local residents, customers, all employees, and their families in cooperation with related parties. NGK is committed to take prompt and appropriate action to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

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