NGK exhibition at Carbon Capture Technology Expo 2024 North America

May 27, 2024

NGK Insulators, Ltd. will exhibit monolith substrate for Direct Air Capture (DAC) and gas separation membrane technologies and SOEC at Carbon Capture Technology Expo 2024 North America in NRG CENTER, Houston, Texas on 26th to 27th June.

Carbon Capture Technology Expo 2024 North America will gather over 8,000 visitors to address the increasing role of Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage which plays in the transition to Carbon Neutlality.

Outline of Carbon Capture Technology Expo 2024 North America

Dates June 26th (Wed.) to 27th (Thu.), 2024
NGK Booth 1131
Official site Carbon Capture Technology Expo 2024 North America

Exhibitor products

NGK will introduce Honeycomb ceramics substrates used as a key component for DAC systems, Sub-nano ceramic membranes used for RNG or H2 separation processes and SOEC contributing for production of green hydrogen.

NGK’s thin-wall Honeycomb ceramics substrates have low pressure loss and high specific surface area. In addition, NGK can coordinate the thermal capacity, cell structure/pore microstructure and durability. Sub-nano ceramic membranes are formed using a thin, defect-free separation layer applied onto the Honeycomb ceramics substrates to achieve a more accurate gas separation with high efficiency. In addition, NGK will introduce remarkable SOEC cells and stacks for the first time at exhibition. NGK has developed various Solid Oxide Electrolyte products and has acquired knowledge and techniques for optimizing SOEC cells. One of NGK’s advantages is the low resistance of their cells, which enables a decrease in cell cost. These products can provide a more cost-effective means of green hydrogen production compared to competing products and technologies.

These products improve on CO2 capture processes by reducing the capital costs and energy consumption.

Honeycomb ceramics substrates
Sub-nano ceramic membranes

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Sub-nano ceramic membranes Products Site

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