Beryllium Copper Wire

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1) High Strength

Beryllium Copper Wire

Beryllium Copper attains a high tensile strength to a maximum of 1500N/mm2 so is not likely to bend even under pressure.

2) High Electrical Conductivity

The electrical conductivity of Beryllium Copper is 20 to 60% IACS so can be used as a high current density material.

3) High Fatigue Strength

Beryllium Copper is known to have high fatigue strength against repeated motion, is reliable, and has extremely long-life.

4) Elevated Temperature Properties

Beryllium Copper performs excellently at elevated temperatures so can be used in a wide range of temperatures.

5) Good Formability

Using a solution heat treatment, Beryllium Copper is softened to facilitate complex shaping. After shaping, it can achieve the highest strength with an age-hardening process.

6) Corrosion Resistance

Beryllium Copper is highly resistant to corrosion, so shows less corrosion under a variety of environmental conditions.


Age hardenable material can be formed into complicated shapes and precipitation hardened afterwards. Among Mill-hardened material, which dose not require heat-treatment after stamping or forming, "Type-B" and "Type-S" have especially well-balanced performance in strength and formability.

Alloy (NGK) Alloy 25 Alloy 11
Chemical Composition Be 1.80 - 2.00 0.2 - 0.6%
Ni+Co 0.20%min. 1.4 - 2.2%
Ni+Co+Fe 0.6% -
Cu+Be+Co+Ni 99.5%min. 99.5%min.
Tensile Strength N/mm3 Age Hardenable
O 390 - 540 295 - 450
1/4H 620 - 805 -
3/4H 835 - 1070 490 - 635
After Age Hardening
OT 1100 - 1380 690 - 895
1/4HT 1210 - 1450 -
3/4HT 1300 - 1590 790 - 965
Electrical Conductivity after Age Hardening (%IACS) 22%min. 50%min.

Tensile Strength and Electrical Conductivity

Tensile Strength and Electrical Conductivity


Diameter (mm) Tolerance (mm)
0.1 incl. 0.25 and under ±0.005
0.25 over 0.30 and under ±0.008
0.30 over 0.50 and under ±0.010
0.50 over 1.0 and under ±0.015
1.0 over 2.0 and under ±0.020
2.0 over 3.5 and under ±0.025
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Mill-hardened Products

Mill-hardened Products


  • Due to a straightening process during manufacturing, Beryllium Copper fine wire requires no further straightening when used.
  • Plated wire, in particular, has excellent solderability.
  • As it is age-hardened during the manufacturing process, Beryllium Copper fine wire is hard enough to avoid deformation under high temperature conditions.


  • Symbol


  • Tensile Strength


  • Diameter Tolerance

    +,- 0.002mm

  • Length Tolerance

    +,- 0.2mm

  • Straightness

    50µm/30mm max.

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