Chip-type Ceramic Rechargeable Battery "EnerCera" Series



EnerCera is a Li-ion rechargeable battery with NGK's original Crystal Oriented Ceramic Plate as electrodes. The Crystal Oriented Ceramic Plate is composed of just an active material and it contains no organic binder or conductive material which exists in a Li-ion battery normally but does not contribute to battery capacity. Therefore, EnerCera realizes high energy density and low internal resistance with a small and thin body and is capable of high-temperature installation. The energy density is double and the internal resistance is less than a half ompared to commercial rechargeable batteries of the same size. Therefore, EnerCera is an ultra-small/ultra-thin onboard-type high-performance battery for operating ICs, sensors and a wireless communication system which needs large current such as several 10 mA to several 100 mA. In addition, CV (Constant Voltage)-charging capability eliminates the need for a charger IC to control the charge current.

Application Examples

Flexible Tag Datalogger for Logistics
Flexible Tag Datalogger for Logistics
Evaluation Board for EnerCera Battery and Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)
Evaluation Board for EnerCera Battery and Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)


EnerCera has two types: “EnerCera Pouch,” an ultra-thin and bendable cell, 0.45 mm thick, for embedding in a card, and "EnerCera Coin," a coin type cell,1 mm to 1.8 mm thick, for mounting on a circuit board. EnerCera Pouch is the world's first thin-type Li-ion battery which can be embedded by hot lamination (above 100 degree Celsius) used widely in the IC card production. The EnerCera Pouch lineup has a fast charging type, a high-capacity type and a high-power type for customers' various device designs. EnerCera Coin is the world's first SMD (surface mount devices)-type Li-ion battery which can be mounted by Solder Reflow, commonly used as an electronic component-mounting process, and it has a high discharge current property sufficient to operate devices.

EnerCera Pouch Lineup

Model Number EC382704P-T
Coming soon!
EC382504P-P EC382704P-C EC382204P-C EC302304P-C EC382704P-H ET271704P-H
EC382704P-T EC382504P-P EC382704P-C EC382204P-C EC382704P-T EC382704P-H ET271704P-H
(Without terminals)
38mm×27mm 38mm×25mm 38mm×27mm 38mm×22mm 30mm×23mm 38mm×27mm 27mm×17mm
Thickness 0.45mm
Nominal Capacity
(Charging Voltage)

27mAh (4.3V)
24mAh (4.2V)

20mAh(4.2V) 27mAh(4.3V)

15mAh (4.3V)
14mAh (4.2V)

20mAh(4.2V) 5mAh(2.7V)
Nominal Voltage 3.8V 2.3V
Charging Condition Constant current(CC) - Constant Voltage(CV) charging CV charging
(Ref.)Peak Discharge Current*1


500mA 260mA 200mA


130mA 100mA
Bendability Conforming to ISO 14443-1 standard
No deterioration after bending and torsion tests
Oparation Temp. Discharge:-20℃~45℃(Charge:0℃~45℃) Discharge:
Heatproof Temp. (in process) 80℃ 135℃
Features High power High capacity High heat resistance Fast charging*2

*1 Voltage drop is less than 0.5V with continuous discharge for 0.1 sec. (at 25℃)
*2 Can be charged from 0% to 80% capacity in 14 min.

EnerCera Coin Lineup

Model Number ET2016C-R
Coming soon!
Coming soon!
ET2016C-R ET2016C-H ET1210C-H
(Without terminals)
Φ20×1.8mm Φ20×1.6mm Φ12.5×1.1mm
Nominal Capacity
(2.7V charge)
25mAh 20mAh 4mAh
Nominal Voltage 2.3V
Charging Condition Constant Voltage (CV) charging
(No current control required)
(Ref.)Peak Discharge Current*1 60mA 45mA 20mA
Oparation Temp. -40℃~60℃ -20℃*2~105℃
[125°C type under development]
Implementation specifications Reflow soldering unapplicable Reflow soldering applicable*3

*1 Voltage drop is less than 0.5V with continuous discharge for 0.1 sec. (at 25℃)
*2 -40°C to 105°C for RTC backup applications.
*3 Recommended conditions Max.240°C x 1 time Please contact us for details.

IEC62133 certified
Contents may be changed without notice.

NGK Insulators exhibits at Smart Sensing2023
EnerCera Ultra-thin, High-heat-resistance, and high-power Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries

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