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Maintenance-Free Power Source for Wireless Sensors Used in IoT Devices

What are IoT devices?

IoT devices are physical devices that are connected to the Internet and equipped with sensors and networking functions, allowing real-time data collection and control. They are currently used across numerous fields, including agriculture, environmental monitoring, and health care. IoT devices are capable of mutual linkage to achieve automation and increased efficiency, thereby achieving increased productivity and lower costs, as well as numerous other benefits.

What are wireless sensors?

A wireless sensor is a device that transmits information collected by a sensor via wireless communication. While conventional sensors can detect temperature, humidity, light, sound, vibration, and other events and conditions, wireless sensors require no wiring, making it significantly easier for deployment in locations where conventional sensors cannot be installed, while expanding the range of data collection and monitoring. Wireless sensors are currently used across a broad range of fields, including factories, logistics, agriculture, and smart homes. Allowing real-time data collection and remote monitoring, wireless sensors will contribute to improved efficiency and lower costs.

Maintenance-free IoT devices with EnerCera

The EnerCera battery is an ultra-thin and ultra-small Li-ion rechargeable battery. A semi-solid-state battery developed using NGK’s original crystal oriented ceramic plate as electrodes, EnerCera achieves features that were difficult to incorporate together in existing Li-ion rechargeable batteries, such as high capacity, high output, high heat resistance, and long lifetime.

Expanding the scope of data collection

EnerCera, an ultra-thin and compact battery, provides high capacity and high output, allowing the deployment of IoT devices in locations where it was difficult to place sensors in the past. EnerCera expands the range of data collection and remote monitoring and contributes to improved operational efficiency and lower costs.

An ideal power source for environmental power generation (energy harvesting) and wireless power transfer (WPT)

Due to its low internal resistance, EnerCera batteries can store incredibly small amounts of electricity and output large amounts of power when required, making them the ideal power source for environmental power generation (energy harvesting) and wireless power transfer (WPT). These technologies can be combined with EnerCera to create power supply systems for maintenance-free IoT devices that rely only on natural energy sources and which can be used repeatedly.

“EnerCera battery” Series
EnerCera is a battery for IoT to realize “maintenance-free”.

The EnerCera solution

Capable of storing tiny amounts of electrical power

  • Low resistance and low self-discharge
  • Ideal for environmental power generation applications, including solar cells and wireless power supply
  • Reduces the time required for recharging and battery replacement

High output suitable for a wide range of wireless communications

  • High current output with less than half the resistance compared to commercial batteries of the same dimensions
  • Supplies current of several tens to several hundred of milliamps to support a wide range of wireless communications

Ideal batteries for wearable devices

  • Extremely low risk of overheating, catching fire, or exploding
  • Optimal power source for wearable devices used in direct contact with the human body

Examples of applications

Below are some example applications for sensor tags powered by EnerCera.
Introducing the Slim Position Tracker Powered by Solar Energy
Realizes maintenance-free predictive equipment failure detection sensor
Challenge of Powering IoT Devices to Monitor Ageing Infrastructure

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