NGK's HICERAM Wafer consists of 99.99% high purity alumina, enabling translucency, high insulation, and high strength. Large sizes (up to 12 inch) and variant shapes using NGK's original Mold-cast forming are available.


Superior translucency, thermal conductivity and stiffness ​

HICERAM Glass(quartz) Si
Separate method UV x
Chemical O
Thermal Conductivity(W/m K) 34 1 168
Young's modulus(GPa) 410 72 185

Low dielectric loss in high frequency range ​

HICERAM Alumina Sapphire
εr(@10GHz) 10 9.6 9.3
tanδ[×10-5](@10GHz) 6.7 50 6.3


Support Wafer (W/ or w/o Through Vias)​

Superior translucency, thermal conductivity and stiffness

  • Superior chemical resistance by high purity
  • The high degree of arrangement of through vias on the HICERAM wafer is provided by applying mold casting.
  • Size available up to φ300mm or 300mm
  • High transparency, UV to IR
  • High strength equivalent to sapphire.
Support Wafer (W/ or w/o Through Vias)​

Interposer substrate​

Thin core material for package substate for superior stiffness and low dielectric loss

Interposer substrate​

Setter for firing​

  • High purity, does not stain the inside of the furnace​
  • Space saving in the furnace available by thin setter.​
  • Infrared transmission, enabling uniform firing and improve firing efficiency.

Other applications​

HICERAM material suitable for components and tools requiring high strength and chemical resistance. (HICERAM is superior to sapphire in availability of large sizes and various shapes)

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