Piezoceramic Microactuators for Inkjet Printer Heads


Integrating high-performance piezoelectric membranes with ceramic microchambers, microactuators for inkjet printers function as micropumps, which increase pressure in response to signals sent from printers, forcing ink droplets from the nozzles. Microactuators feature incredibly precise control of ink droplets and help achieve printed images with quality exceeding that of traditional silver halide prints.

Ceramic Microactuators for Inkjet Printer Heads
Sectional view by electron microscope
Sectional view by electron microscope
  • Integrated microscopic piezoactuators

    Microchamber fine-processing techniques and high-precision piezoelectric film formation techniques integrate 180 microactuators into a space measuring 6 mm x 20 mm.

  • High durability

    A structure free of organic adhesives results in high durability.

  • High response speed

    High-rigidity ceramic structure and high-speed response enables high-speed printing.

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