Renewables, Power Plants

Renewables, Power Plants

Renewable Stabilization

By absorbing fluctuating renewable energy such as wind and solar during off-peak times, NAS batteries can provide additional power during periods of peak demand.

Constant output of wind power
Timeshift of solar power

Fossil Fuel Peaker Plant Replacement

NAS batteries can provide resource adequacy capacity of six hours or more per day, providing a green alternative to fossil fuel peaker plants. Moreover, NAS batteries can also provide on-peak/off-peak price arbitrage, frequency regulation, ramping services, VAR support and other grid functions.

Case study

Stabilization of a Huge Wind Farm

Aomori, Japan Operation since 2008

34MW/244.8MWh NAS battery system alongside 51MW wind farm Futamata Wind Development Co., Ltd.

Stabilization of a Huge Wind Farm
Stabilization of a Huge Wind Farm

This NAS battery system makes wind output dispatchable by charging from excess wind power and discharging so as to meet desired dispatch levels. Immediate smoothing and timeshifting can both be provided.

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