High Voltage Laboratory

4200kV Lightning Impulse Generator

4200kV Lightning Impulse Generator / 2500kV Switching Impulse Voltage Test Facilities

Power-frequency withstand voltage test on 1000kV gas bushing

Outline of Test Facilities

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4200kV Lightning Impulse Generator Type:Marx Circuit. Max. storage energy:315kJ. Main capacitor:0.0357µF(1.5µF/42). Max. charging voltage:4200kV. Max. voltage available:3300kV.
2500kV Switching Impulse Voltage Test Facilities Type:Marx Circuit.
Generator:The above 4200kV generator.
Max. voltage available:2500kV.
Wave forn controlling capacitor:0.0132µF(0.5µF/38).
Wave form:(50 - 500) x (2500 - 3000)µs.
Steel Towers Effective height:25m
Capable of electrical tests of insulator string assemblies under simulated service conditions.

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