Research Development

NGK Review No.19

NGK Review No.19 (Dec.1995)


  • Application of Magnet-Optical Sensors for Fault Location of Air Insulated Bus in Substations
  • Countermeasures to Protect 6.6kV distribution line from lightning
  • High Water Pressure Washing Test on Polymer Insulators
  • Consideration into Accelerated Aging Test Methods for Composite Insulators
  • Investigation of Withstand Voltage Characteristics of Silicone Rubber Composite and Semiconducting-G
  • lazed Insulators under Industrial Contamination Conditions
  • Investigation of Field Energized RTV Coated Porcelain Insulators
  • Artificial Contamination Withstand Voltage Characteristics of Polymer Insulators
  • Time Variation of Hydrophobicity and Weight of Silicone Rubber Immersed in Water
  • Investigation on Fog Conditions in Fog Test of Composite Insulators
  • Negative DC Surface Discharge Triggered by Water Drops on Hydrophobic Surface of Insulation Materials
  • Flashover Characteristics of a Tree Branch Brought by Birds onto the Insulators
  • Influence of Kinds of Insoluble Contaminants on Flashover Voltage of Artificially Contaminated Insulators
  • Insulator Contamination Study in Pakistan (Part I)-Measurements at Hab River Power Station and 500kV Jamshoro Grid in the Southern Region-
  • Insulator Contamination Study in Pakistan (Part II)-Contamination Mapping along Major HV Transmission Network-
  • Steep Impulse Voltage Characteristics of Suspension Insulators

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