Research Development

NGK Review No.20

NGK Review No.20 (Dec.1996)


  • Practical Application of Semiconducting Glazed Insulators
  • Performance of Composite Insulators under Polluted Comditions
  • The IEC 1109, 1000h Salt Fog Test: Experrience and Suggestions for Improvement
  • Design of Insulators and Bushings for the 765-kV Transmission System in Korea
  • Application of 132-kV Line Arrester in Malaysia
  • Development of an Optical Current Transducer with a Bulk Type Faraday Sensor for Metering
  • A New Measuring Equipment of ESDD of Transmission Line Insulators
  • Influence of Nonsoluble Contaminants on the Flashover Voltages of Artificially Contaminated
  • Behavior of Insoluble Materials in Artificial Contamination Tests

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