Research Development

NGK Review No.23

NGK Review No.23 (Dec.1999)

NGK Review No.23



  • Voltage and Temperature Distribution along Semiconducting Glaze Insulator Strings
  • Semiconducting Glaze Post Insulators
  • Short-Circuit Testing of Overhead Line Components up to 100kA
  • Probabilistic Assessment of Flashover Performance of Transmission Lines in Contaminated Area
  • A New Application Concept of Transmission Line Arresters to 500-kV Lines
  • DC Leakage Resistance and Ice Accretion Characteristics of Polymer Insulators Depending on Ice Density
  • Deterioration of Silicone Rubber for Polymer Insulators by Corona Discharge and Effect of Fillers
  • Behavior of Water Droplets on Silicone Rubber Sheet under AC Voltage Application
  • Various Artificial Contamination Withstand Voltage Test Methods and a Comparison of their Results on Polymer and Porcelain Insulators
  • Artificial Contamination Test Method under Accumulated Contamination Conditions
  • Effects of Test Parameters on Deterioration of Polymer Insulator Housing Materials by Accelerated Ageing Tests
  • Investigation into Performance of Semiconducting Glaze Insulators after Use on 33-kV Lines over 20 Years
  • Performance of Semiconducting Glaze Insulators at Koeberg Insulator Pollution Test Station in South Africa
  • Accumulation Characteristics of Pollutants on Disc Type Insulators -Exposure and Artificial Test Results-

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