Research Development

NGK Review No.24

NGK Review No.24 (Dec.2000)

NGK Review No.24



  • Test Methods and Results for Recent Outdoor Insulation in Japan
  • Partial Discharge Characteristics of Wet and Contaminated Silicone Rubber Surface
  • Application Study of Semiconducting Glaze Hollow Insulators to Substation Equipment
  • Assessment of The State of Insulators on Live Transmission Lines
  • NGK Advanced Insulator Technologies for the Coming Century
  • Investigation of Long-term Reliability of Composite Hollow Insulators
  • Field Tests of Semiconducting Glaze Insulators on 765-kV Transmission Test Line in Korea
  • Field Experience of Semiconducting Glaze Insulators under a Heavy Contamination Condition in China
  • Contamination Performance of Disc Type Insulators with Multi-shed
  • Advanced NAS Battery System 6MW/48MWh NAS Battery System at Ohito Substation

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