Research Development

NGK Review No.25

NGK Review No.25 (Dec.2001)

NGK Review No.25



  • Recent Sodium Sulfur Battery Applications in Japan
  • Contamination Performance of Outer-rib Type Suspension Insulators for DC Transmission Lines
  • Investigation Results of Suspension Insulators Removed from DC 500kV GEZHOUBA-SHANGHAI Line in China
  • Estimation of Lightning Performance of a 500-kV Transmission Line in Thailand
  • Recovery of Hydrophobicity on Silicone Rubber Surface for Polymer Insulator Housing Deposited with Artificial Pollutant
  • Insulation Characteristics of Four Type Polymer Insulators with Different Shapes Subjected to Artificial Ice Accretion
  • Withstand Voltage Performance of Polymer Hollow Insulators under Live-Line Washing Condition
  • Pollution Performance of Polymer Insulators under the Marine Conditions in Japan
  • Water Droplet Behavior and Discharge Activity on Silicone Rubber Surface Energized by AC Voltage
  • Contamination Withstand Voltage Characteristics of Hydrophobic Polymer Insulators under Simulated Rain Conditions
  • Surface Deterioration of Housing Materials for Polymer Insulators by Accelerated Aging Tests
  • Contributions for CIGRE 2000

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