Research Development

NGK Review No.27

NGK Review No.27 (Dec.2003)

NGK Review No.27



  • Contamination Performance of Outer-rib Type Suspension Insulators
  • Investigation Results on Semiconducting Glaze and Polymer Insulators Removed from a Heavy Contamination Condition in China
  • Evaluation Methods of Polymer Insulators under Contaminated Conditions
  • New Technology to Combat with Insulator Contamination
  • Design and Performance of External Gap Type Line Arrester
  • String Assembly Design for High Voltage Transmission Lines of 735kV and Above
  • Water Droplet Behavior and Discharge Activity on Silicone Rubber Surface Energized by AC Voltage (Part II)
  • A Study on Anti-contamination Design of Suspension Insulators - A Stress Grading Insulator
  • Contamination Accumulation and Withstand Voltage Characteristics of Various Types of Insulators
  • Withstand Voltage Performance of Outer-rib Type Suspension Insulators Subjected to Ice Accretion under DC Voltage Application
  • Deterioration Diagnosis Technique of Housing Rubber for Composite Hallow Insulators
  • Investigation on Contamination Performance of Polymer Insulators Deposited with Algae
  • Surface Temperature and Ice Accretion Characteristics of Semiconducting Glaze Suspension Insulator under Artificial Icing Conditions
  • Evaluation Methods of Contamination Flashover Voltages of Hydrophobic Polymer Insulators
  • Insulation Properties of Ice-covered Silicone-Rubber Insulators depending on Swing Angles

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