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NGK Review No.30

NGK Review No.30 (Dec.2007)

NGK Review No.30



  • Contamination Flashover Voltage Performance of Insulator Strings for UHV Transmission Line in China
  • Key Manufacturing Technology in Manufacturing and Transportation of 1100kV Gas -Insulated Bushing
  • Environmental Conditions for UHV Substations
  • Development of the Insulator String for UHV Transmission Line
  • Required Performance for Externally Gapped Transmission Line Arresters
  • Application Technology of Lightning Arrester for 275kV Transmission Lines
  • Effect of Absolute Humidity on Flashover Voltage of Insulators
  • Evaluation of Humidity Correction Factor of Disruptive Discharge Voltage of Standard Air Gaps
  • NGK Contributions at CIGRE 2006 Paris Session

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