Research Development

NGK Review No.32

NGK Review No.32 (Dec.2009)

NGK Review No.32



  • Study on Insulation Selection and Pollution Performance of ±800kV UHV DC Insulators with Long Strings
  • Temperature Rise Characteristics on Bushings with Circular Fluid Convection
  • Temperature Rise Characteristics on OIP Bushings with Circular Fluid Convection
  • Pollution Accumulation Performance of Various Types of Cylindrical Insulators
  • Improvement of Contamination Flashover Voltage Performance of Cylindrical Porcelain Insulators by Partial Coating of Silicone Rubber Technology and Application of Metal Oxide Surge Arresters with External Gap for Transmission Line
  • Humidity Influence on Corona Discharge Characteristics on Polymer Insulators under Polluted Conditions
  • A Basic Study on the Effect of Voltage Stress on a Water Droplet on a Silicone Rubber Surface
  • Technologies for Tomorrow : NGK High Voltage Laboratory

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