High Voltage Laboratory

NGK Review

NGK Review No.33 (Dec.2010)

NGK Review No.33



  • Verification Tests for Externally Gapped Line Surge Arrester (EGLA)
  • Rating and Requirements for Externally Gapped Line Surge Arrester (EGLA)
  • Specific Consideration on IEC Standardization of Externally Gapped Line Surge Arresters (EGLAs)
  • Evaluation Methods of Contamination Flashover Voltage Performance of Cylindrical Type Semi-conducting Glaze Porcelain Insulators
  • Study on Reduction of Contamination Accumulation by Coating on Insulator Surface
  • Accelerated Ageing Characteristics of Polymer Insulators under DC Voltage Application
  • Contamination Flashover Characteristics of Polymer Insulator under Various Kinds of Test Conditions
  • Vibration of a Water Droplet on a Polymeric Insulating Material Subjected to AC Voltage Stress
  • NGK Contributions at CIGRE 2010 Paris Session

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