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NGK Review No.34

NGK Review No.34 (Dec.2012)

NGK Review No.34



  • Effect of Larger Water-cut Sheds on Contamination Withstand Voltage Performance of Hollow Core Insulators under Heavy Rain Condition
  • Effects of Additional of Nano-silica Filler on Erosion, Tracking Resistance and Hydrophobicity of Silicone Rubber
  • Specific Consideration on IEC Standardization of Externally Gapped Line Surge Arresters (EGLAs)
  • Quantitative Evaluation of Nano-silica Dispersion in Silicone Nanocomposites and Its Resistance to Erosion and Tracking
  • CIGRE Round Robin Pollution Test for Polymeric Insulators: Results in Four High-Voltage Laboratories
  • Technologies for Tomorrow : 12kA/50A Enclosed Cylindrical Type Fuse Cut-out
  • Compact Mounting Structure for 500kV Transmission Line Arresters
  • Measurement of Power Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields near Power Facilities in Several Countries
  • Effect of Power Frequency Magnetic Field on Acute, Chronic, and Genetic Toxicities of Fruit Flies
  • NGK Contributions at CIGRE 2012 Paris Session

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