Research Development

NGK Review No.36

NGK Review No.36 (Dec.2016)

NGK Review No.36



  • Comparison Test of High-Voltage Measuring Systems for Lightning Impulse in Japan
  • Evaluation Method of Rubber Surface Deterioration on Current Limiting Arcing Horn
  • Flashover Voltage Characteristics of Insulator Contaminated with Volcanic Ash
  • Withstand Voltage Test Results of Polymer Insulators under Non-uniform Contaminated Condition
  • Investigation on Contamination Deposit Performance and Pollution Withstand Voltage Characteristics of Polymer Devices
  • Evaluation of Hydrophobicity on Silicone Rubber Polymer Insulator Surface Removed from Very Heavy Contamination Area
  • A New Approach on Prevention of Corona Discharges for Contaminated Insulator Strings
  • Flashover Risk Analysis of Contaminated Insulator by Probabilistic Method
  • NGK Contributions at CIGRE 2016 Paris Session

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