Research Development

NGK Review No.39

NGK Review No.39 (Dec.2023)

NGK Review No.38



  • Evaluation of damage to HTM insulators for transmission lines by partial discharge under polluted & wetted conditions
  • Prevention effects of single unit flashover with insulator strings in HVDC lines
  • Evaluation of Corona prevention Performance of Damaged RTV Coated Insulators to Develop on Site Repair Guidelines
  • Flashover Risk-Based Probabilistic Design of Transmission Line Insulators under Contamination Conditions
  • Probabilistic Flashover Risk assessment of Contaminated Cap and Pin Type Insulators
  • Dynamic Image Analysis of Maximum Water Droplet Length on Silicone Rubber Insulating Materials during Dynamic Drop Test
  • NGK Contributions at CIGRE 2021 and 2022 Paris Session

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