NGK Insulators responds to the world and
the future needs through ceramic technologies.

Using ceramics, we can make a brighter future for energy.
Using ceramics, we can help sustain the environment and human society.
Using ceramics, we can discover new and advanced technologies.
Using the untold power of ceramics,
we can meet the needs of every age and provide the world with new values.
“Look forward and aim high”—here at NGK Insulators,
we continue the quest for creative manufacturing.


Proven technologies for a stable power supply,
a clean earth, and a bright future.

Electricity is the force that powers our daily lives and sustains our societies.
We at NGK Insulators have striven throughout our company’s history to protect and uphold this vital lifeline by constantly seeking to make better quality insulators so as to provide the whole world with highly reliable insulators and other items related to energy supply.
Moreover, we strive to have made a big contribution to the establishment of sustainable energy sources with the creation of the NAS battery system, a large-capacity storage system that dispelled the myth that electricity could not be stored.
Far from resting on our laurels, however, we remain dedicated to creating ever more advanced products in anticipation of the demands of the coming age.



Supplying the world with people-friendly, environment-friendly, advanced technologies.

As more and more priority is placed on ensuring sustainable use of resources, manufacturing industries will face ever greater demand for technologies.
At NGK Insulators, we continue to develop technologies aimed not just at enabling people to live in comfort, but also at taking care of our planet to create societies where natural resources are used sustainably.
For example, by making products that help automobiles and industries become more eco-friendly, our company contributes to the comfortable and abundant lives we enjoy.
We always endeavor to use our unique fine ceramic technologies to help overcome challenges to the earth’s environment.
We are proud that our pioneering work and reliability is now recognized the world over.



Manufacturing that accelerates the advancement of electronics.

The development of AI (artificial intelligence), the IoT (Internet of Things), and other technologies has brought us to the start of an advanced information and communications society.
Supporting this accelerating communications infrastructure is NGK Insulators, right at the forefront of our remarkable and continuous technological evolution with proprietary technologies featuring ever better performance and greater precision.
We are expanding the new dream of electronics with a diverse range of products that lead the way to future generations, including materials used for smartphones, home appliances, automobiles, and other products and components that enhance the capabilities of electronic and electrical devices.



Processes that create increased value and spur innovation.

Ceaseless evolution is now a requirement in semiconductors, electronics, chemistry, medicine, foods, and every other field.
Imparting new value and creating competitive products requires dynamic innovation in the manufacturing process.
NGK provides robust support in reaching the next level of manufacturing, integrating our proprietary technologies and spurring evolution through specialty products and plant engineering to meet every challenge, from improving productivity and quality to reducing costs and saving energy.



We create new global standards for a better world and a better future.

At NGK Insulators, we conduct research and development in the fields of energy, ecology and electronics as part of our mission to address the challenges facing our societies, meet new global needs and discover new possibilities for ceramics.
Through our broad-ranging research into ceramic material and our unrivalled analytical, evaluation and production technology, we strive to create the kind of products that will set new global standards and spark further innovation.



Taking our unrivalled technology and quality to the world.
NGK’s reliable global network of partners.

NGK Group has production and sales bases worldwide and offers state-of-the-art technologies and top-quality products.
As a truly global company, we are committed to leveraging our network to contribute to the betterment of the whole world.


NGK continues to create new value
by identifying the needs of the times.

Based on NGK’s proprietary ceramics technologies,
we’ve generated sustained growth by creating a succession of new products to support the industry
and people’s lives and help resolve the challenges society faces.
Through advanced manufacturing that reflects the needs of the times,
NGK will continue to deliver new value to the world.