Communications with stakeholders

Basic Approach

Incorporating Customer Feedback into Management

We seriously examine our customer feedback in order to utilize it to improve our products and corporate management.

Engagement with Employees

In an effort to enhance the work environment so that individual employees can work with a greater sense of security and satisfaction while mutually respecting each other's personal qualities, we create multiple opportunities to establish two-way communication.

Communication with Suppliers

We hold earnings presentations for major suppliers every year.

Interaction with Regional Communities

We are committed to interactions with local residents through offering plant tours, participating in regional events, and holding direct dialogues; we use these opportunities to collect feedback and opinions that we use to improve our business activities and CSR activities.


Communication with Customers

Response to Customer Feedback on the C1 Water Purifier

For our C1 home-use water purifier, we have built a system to respond to user feedback through production and sales functions.

Communication with Employees

CSR Talk Live (Dialogue with Employees Aimed at CSR Practices)

We hold CSR Talk Live events at sites across Japan to facilitate direct discussion between employees and senior management.

Survey on Workplace Vitality

We conduct a survey to assess workplace vitality every two years, collecting responses from the entire workforce.

Distributing the Latest Information on CSR Activities on the CSR-Web

The CSR-Web intranet site was launched to share reports on CSR activities within the Group.

Communication with Suppliers

Earnings Presentations for Suppliers

We held earnings presentations for major suppliers.

Ongoing Operation of the Supplier Helpline

We have set up a supplier helpline accessible via e-mail and fax as well as phone, in an effort to help suppliers address issues as early as possible.

Individual Visits to Suppliers in Japan and Overseas

To select the best possible procurement sources, we visit suppliers around the world and conduct fair and honest evaluations in terms of quality, cost and delivery (QCD).

Environmental Education and Communication

We conduct a range of ongoing education and communication activities to raise the environmental awareness of employees based on our voluntary action guidelines.

Communication with Regional Communities

Interaction with Regional Communities

To interact with local communities and help them deepen their understanding of and interest in NGK and its manufacturing activities, we offer plant tours to local residents, from children to adults.

Pick Up Topics

C1 Celebrating the 15th Anniversary

C1 celebrates its 15th anniversary in May 2017. We developed this product out of a desire to use NGK's ceramic technologies to serve general households.
There are many reasons behind the longevity of the product, including our efforts to support its excellent quality and our efforts to sincerely listen to and respond to the concerns of our customers.
We will continue to value communication with customers, as well as to improve our technologies and quality as we strive to deliver products that make life better.

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