Thorough Enforcement of Compliance / Risk management

Basic Approach

NGK Group Guidelines for Corporate Behavior

To realize and protect the NGK Group corporate philosophy of creating new value by providing products and technologies that contribute to a better social environment, we established the NGK Group Guidelines for Corporate Behavior and thoroughly promote awareness.
In the spirit of the NGK Group Guidelines for Corporate Behavior, overseas Group companies enact rules and regulations in response to corporate, regional and national characteristics.

Guidelines for Corporate Behavior

Structures and Systems

Compliance Promotion Structure

We established the Compliance Subcommittee under the CSR Committee to ensure strict observance of laws, regulations and corporate ethics within the Group. Furthermore, we established the Security Subcommittee to respond to incidents and accidents with the potential to significantly impact the Company.


Promoting Compliance Education

We promote compliance education and awareness for officers and employees.

Prevention of Corruption

To ensure fair and transparent business transactions, we have relevant internal rules in place and provide anti-bribery training.

Observing the Competition Laws and Other Laws and Regulations Pertaining to Business Transactions

To ensure strict adherence to competition and other laws related to business transactions, we have developed international-standard Competition Law Compliance Rules and enhanced employee training in and outside of Japan.

Strict Adherence to Laws and Regulations Relating to Export Management

We have created relevant internal rules and the Export/Import Handbook, and conduct appropriate management and employee training based on them.

Privacy Policy and Structure

With internal rules for privacy protection in place, we are committed to the appropriate handling, management and protection of personal information.

About NGK's privacy policy

Information Security Policy and Structure

Based on the Basic NGK Group Information Security Policy, we are committed to promoting information security through appropriate management and operation.

Basic NGK Group Information Security Policy

Status of Law and Regulations Violations

There were no violations of laws or regulations in fiscal 2016.

Pick Up Topics

Holding Companies Act and Competition Laws Seminars for Newly Appointed Executive Officers

On August 19, 2016, we held a seminar on the Companies Act and competition laws for NGK's newly appointed executive officers.
The seminar was led by lawyers, who gave lectures on strengthening governance and developing a global compliance system. The participants learned about the authorities of executive officers, key points of the Companies Act that senior managers should know, current conditions of cartel regulations, which have been tightened in recent years, and risk countermeasures.