Global Environmental Management

Strengthening Global Environmental Management

The NGK Group promotes corporate activities that are in harmony with the environment. We are also building and implementing an environmental management system from a global perspective in order to actively fulfill our responsibility to address various societal challenges. As we continue our efforts aimed at lessening the environmental impact of our business activities, we are also preparing a system for complying with environmental laws and regulations, and increasing our level of global environmental management.

Efforts to Mitigate Environmental Risks Throughout the Group

All NGK Group manufacturing bases in and outside Japan have completed acquisition of ISO 14001 or third-party certifications meeting this standard, and are implementing environmental management in accordance with our environmental management system. NGK also shares information regarding changes in domestic environmental laws and regulations with Group companies and has created and implemented a structure to ascertain the status of responses to these changes. NGK headquarters is enhancing its ability to regularly ascertain the status of responses and management in terms of important legal and regulatory system revision information in the countries and regions where overseas Group companies are located.

Strengthening Environmental Management Linked to Business Planning

The NGK Group aims to enhance our environmental management system to support the implementation of our business plan and to cope with changes in the environment.
We are strengthening the company-wide environmental management system by establishing the Environment, Safety & Health Promotion Meeting under the Environment, Safety and Health Committee. It provides a space for cooperation and discussion with the Environmental Management divisions of each Business Group. Going forward, we will continue to strengthen management integration and promote corporate activities that are in harmony with the environment, in order to actively fulfill our responsibility to address the various challenges facing society.