Preservation of Global Environment

Environmental/social contribution

Development and distribution of products contributing to environmental protection

Under the Fourth Five-Year Environmental Action Plan, initiated in fiscal 2016, NGK is committed to the development and distribution of products contributing to environmental protection as a top priority theme. We aim to achieve a growth in sales for products contributing to environmental protection of 60% compared to fiscal 2013 (and maintain the sales percentage for products contributing to environmental protection at over 50% of all products) by fiscal 2020, the final year of the Five-Year Plan. Currently, we market five products contributing to environmental protection, as detailed below, which meet internal criteria. Going forward, newly qualified products will be added to the list.
In fiscal 2016, we achieved sales growth of 26% from fiscal 2013, exceeding the annual target of 25%. In fiscal 2017, we will continue with these new development and distribution efforts to achieve the targets.

Environmental Education and Communication

We conduct a range of ongoing education and communication activities to raise the environmental awareness of employees based on our voluntary action guidelines.

Biodiversity Initiatives

We recognize the conservation of biodiversity as an important issue for the company in achieving a sustainable society, and implement a number of initiatives, including biodiversity surveys at company-owned sites, requesting cooperation from suppliers.

Pick Up Topics

The First Recognition of Top-Ranked NGK Eco Point Collectors

The NGK Eco Points earned by individual employees through their engagement in environmental activities are aggregated on an annual basis for each site (Nagoya, Chita, Komaki, Ishikawa), and top scorers are commended every year. For earned points, employers select from two options: exchange for Eco goods or donate to local funds. The number of employees choosing donation is growing every year, indicating increasing environmental awareness.

Voice of one of the top NGK point earners

I am happy to have been selected as a fiscal 2016 award recipient. My points earned for this year largely relate to privately undertaken home building, specifically, selecting energy-efficient structures and materials, employing what basically amounts to a solar-powered all-electric home system and purchasing energy-saving home appliances. In fiscal 2017, I will aim to be an award recipient again, but for less costly efforts.

Electrical Insulator Division,Power Business Group
Koichi Kato