Communication with Shareholders

Open General Meeting of Shareholders

NGK endeavors to hold open General Meeting of Shareholders where its shareholders feel welcome to attend. At these meetings every year, we introduce NGK corporate activities with booths showcasing the company and displaying products explained by NGK staff.
We are also making efforts to expand General Meeting of Shareholders-related information, including the following:

This diagram explains our initiatives for an open General Meeting of Shareholders. This mainly involves 1. Mailing convocation notice in advance; 2. Disclosing information on the website in advance; 3. Taking part in the Tokyo Stock Exchange Electronic Voting Platform; and 4. Posting General Meeting of Shareholders documents on the website.

An electronic voting system operated by Tokyo Stock Exchange. It allows shareholders to vote not only through the conventional printed materials but also online, making the process more convenient for shareholders in Japan and overseas.

Two-Way Communication

In addition to regular presentations held in Japan and overseas, the NGK Group conducts one-on-one meetings and participates in interviews among other ongoing initiatives to expand dialogue with institutional investors. NGK senior management also visits and conducts one-on-one discussions with institutional investors in Japan and overseas.

Activities in FY2021

Activities Details
Japan Senior management conducted presentations for analysts and institutional investors twice. They also conducted one-on-one meetings and participated in onsite interviews.
Overseas Senior management conducted overseas IR meetings targeting analysts and institutional investors twice.
Online IR Library Included financial reporting information, the timely disclosure of non-financial reporting information, securities reports, annual reports, NGK Report, NGK Group Sustainability Website Data, General Meeting of Shareholders documents, and other information.

Dividend Information

Participation in Nomura IR Asset Management Fair

To familiarize individual investors with the details of NGK business and performance, we took part in the Nomura IR Asset Management Fair 2022 (hosted by Nomura Investor Relations Co., Ltd. and cosponsored by Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.).
A total of 76 listed companies and investment firms participated in this year’s event, which similar to 2021 was held online in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
At our virtual booth we used corporate introduction videos, company guides, NGK reports, and other materials to provide participants with a detailed overview of our company and financial data.

When participating in the Nomura IR Asset Management Fair 2022, a company representative gave an online presentation on NGK that was easy to understand.
A company representative gives an easy-to-understand online introduction to NGK

Returning Profits to Shareholders

At NGK, returning profits to shareholders is considered one of management’s top priorities. As a basic policy, we aim for management that focuses on shareholders and ROE. We share profits while comprehensively taking account of our business performance, financial structure, and future business development. Our medium-term benchmark for the consolidated payout ratio is around 30%.
In fiscal 2021, we paid an annual dividend of 63 yen, and the consolidated payout ratio stood at 27.8%.
Looking ahead, we will balance profitability above capital cost with maintaining financial soundness, while proactively returning profits to our shareholders from a medium-to long-term perspective.

This graph shows trends in dividend per share over the past five years. The dividend per share for FY2021 was 63 yen.
This graph shows trends in Return on Equity (ROE). ROE stood at 12.9% in FY2021.

Dividend Information