CSR Management

CSR Activities Concepts and Systems

Through its products and services, the NGK Group works to create new value that will improve the social environment and fulfill corporate social responsibilities while also earning the hope and trust of everyone in society. Towards this end, CSR promotion items are established according to the NGK Group Guidelines for Corporate Behavior, and, on top of this, each year CSR objectives are drawn up.

Establishing CSR Promotion Items (Materiality)

Aiming to develop a sustainable society and in consideration of a variety of stakeholder demands, the NGK Group established eight items from the NGK Group Guidelines for Corporate Behavior as CSR promotion items determining the specific objectives and achievements for each item. Each year, we verify the achievement status of each objective in an attempt to continuously improve these efforts.

CSR Promotion Framework

To promote CSR activities, the NGK Group has established the CSR Committee, the Environmental Protection Committee, the Quality Committee, the Safety and Health Committee, and the Internal Controls Committee.
In terms of legal and corporate ethics compliance activities, the CSR Committee discusses items necessary to assist decision-making by the president and CSR Committee chair. It also conducts a wide range of activities, including providing support in matters determined to potentially have a substantial impact on the company, reviewing and evaluating the promotion plans of each subcommittee, and deliberating CSR-related items, determined to be important by the Committee chair.