Coordination with Local Communities and Promotion of Contribution to the Society

Basic Approach

The NGK Group promotes social contribution activities based on the following concepts.

Structures and Systems

Social Contribution Activity Promotion System

Our social contribution activities are promoted under the leadership of the Social Contribution Subcommittee, which is under the supervision of the CSR Committee. The Subcommittee is chaired by the general manager of the General Affairs Department.

Provision of Scholarships and Living Assistance to International Students

We are engaged in ongoing support activities for international students visiting Japan, primarily through the NGK Foundation for International Students, which was established to offer housing and scholarships.

NGK Foundation for International Students


Social Contribution Activities in Collaboration with Regional Communities and NPOs

We collaborate with regional communities and NPOs to engage in social contribution activities in response to regional needs.

Collaborating with the Worker's Union to Conduct Social Contribution Activities

We participate in cleanup activities around our sites, and projects to support areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Interaction with Regional Communities

We are committed to interactions with local residents through offering plant tours and participating in regional events. We collect feedback and opinions through these opportunities and use them to improve our business activities and CSR activities.

Pick Up Topics

NGK Science Site receives an advertising award

NGK Science Site was given a gold prize in the magazine ad section at the 38th Japan BtoB Advertising Award (2017). The award was granted in recognition of the inspiring illustrations and descriptions of science and the design of experiments that use familiar household items. We will continue this activity to introduce new easy-to-work-on science and craft projects.