Promotion of Diversity

It is NGK Group’s basic policy to recruit human resources and offer stable employment and equal opportunities regardless of race, nationality, gender, age, religion, belief, disability, or gender identity/sexual orientation. Also, in an aim to promote autonomy and independence, NGK maintains the human resource systems necessary to provide employees with fair compensation commensurate with their degree of contribution to the company.

New Graduate HiresNote: Excluding new graduates planned to transfer from temporary to regular positions.

Item Scope Category FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Number of new graduate
hires (persons)
NGK Total 68 154 111 155 143
Men 58 127 96 122 115
Women 10 27 15 33 28

Ratio of Women among New Graduate Hires

Item Scope Category FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Ratio of women (%) NGK Total* 29 23 31 28 23
Administrative-related; target 30% 42 27 42 44 52
Engineering-related; target 20% 13 20 22 24 27

Covers regular-position employees

Mid-Career Hires

Item Scope Category FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Mid-career hires (persons) NGK Total 200 158 135 115 105
Men 185 139 121 101 87
Women 15 19 14 14 18

System to Promote Diversity

At NGK, the Human Resources Department plays a central role in promoting diversity, including through nursing care support and promotion of women's active participation.
Regarding human rights issues, NGK strives to educate employees by distributing booklets on human rights on occasions such as training for the recently promoted employees. A helpline is also available for consultation on these issues.

Seminar for management members to deepen their understanding of LGBT issues.

Seminars Promote Understanding of LGBT Issues

NGK held its first seminar for executives on LGBT issues. The aim of the seminar was to learn about how the company can create workplaces friendly to LGBT and other minorities and to develop a greater understanding of diversity in gender identity/sexual orientation and respect for human rights.
Speaking at the seminar was Takeshi Ichikawa, the representative of the On the Ground Project, who, under the theme of creating company workplaces friendly to LGBT and sexual minorities, outlined basic LGBT issues and gave examples of how other companies are accommodating these workers’ needs. Mr. Ichikawa said that companies that ignore LGBT issues do so at their own risk, and stressed that proper understanding of the issue, respect for employees’ abilities and diversity, and the creation of workplaces accommodating all individuals will contribute to a company’s growth. Similar seminars are planned for other companies throughout the NGK Group.

Promoting Participation of Older Employees

As part of changes made to the NGK Insulators personnel system in April 2017, the mandatory retirement age has been raised to 65. Salary levels, bonuses, and benefits have all been kept at the same level as of age 60. Our goal is to ensure employees to work without worries even after they turn 60. More robust systems and support have been introduced for employees with illness or nursing care needs, such as more flexible work schedules offering shorter hours and three-day work weeks, or a lump sum nursing care support allowance for employees caring for their parents or spouse.

Initiatives for Persons with Disabilities

NGK undertakes a variety of initiatives aimed at employing people with disabilities, such as accepting students from special-needs schools as trainees and attending employment seminars for people with disabilities.
In fiscal 2019, we hired one new employee with a disability. We have a subsidiary that provides cleaning services and whose employees are mainly intellectually disabled. In September 2019, this company was certified as a special subsidiary for the employment of the disabled by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW). This helped us meet the MHLW’s 2.2% employment quota for persons with disabilities. With this figure set to go up to 2.3% in fiscal 2020, we are stepping up our efforts to hire people with disabilities by continuing to accept students from special-needs schools as trainees, attending employment seminars for people with disabilities, and expanding the work of our special subsidiary.

Number and Percentage of Employees with Disabilities

Item Scope Category FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Number of employees with disabilities NGK Number of people 56 55 57 62 135
Employment rate (%) 2.18 2.03 1.90 1.92 2.20

Various Systems to Make Use of Diverse Human Resources

The NGK Group implements systems promoting the utilization of human resources based on the idea that personnel diversity is linked to innovation in organizational culture.

Human Resource Utilization Systems Aligned with Employee Individuality and Skills

To open the way for employees to take full advantage of their individuality and skills, NGK adopts an internal job application system, in which open positions are announced internally and eligible applicants are appointed. There is also an FA (free agent) system that allows employees to register their personal aspirations and preference of jobs to appeal themselves within the company.

Internal Job Application System

Item Scope Category FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Job application system NGK Number of applications 25 17 32 28 28
Number of recruits 36 28 50 40 37
Number of applicants 23 11 15 7 18
Number of successful applications 9 4 5 2 7

Promoting the Regular Employment of Fixed-Term Manufacturing Contract Employees

NGK established a system for appointing fixed-term manufacturing contract employees to become regular employees, and 41 employees were appointed in fiscal 2019. Excellent employees are identified through biannual personnel assessments and recommended by division heads to sit for the regular employee promotion exam. Those who pass the exam become regular employees.

Transfers from Fixed-Term Contract Manufacturing Worker to Regular Employee

Item Scope Category FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Number of contract-to-regular employees NGK Number of people 25 15 20 37 41

Management of Follow-up System to Fit Young Employees in the Workplace

To prevent career mismatches, there is a follow-up system for younger employees in NGK. For career-track employees, we conduct surveys and interviews about their jobs and work environment in their second year; and for manufacturing technology staff, we do this in their second or third year of employment. If they desire, feedback is provided to their superiors, leading to younger employees' job stability. A job rotation system is also provided mainly to young career-track employees. After working with us for four to six years, they are transferred to a different job—potentially overseas or outside their current department.

Come-Back System

Since fiscal 2016, NGK has had its Come-Back System to rehire people who had left our company for various reasons (e.g., job change, studying abroad, job transfer of a spouse, etc.) as mid-career employees.