Human Rights

Basic Approach

In the NGK Group Code of Conduct revised in January 2019, our relationship with employees is based on the idea of “Respect for Human Rights” and “Provide a Safe and Enjoyable Work Environment” and defined as follows.

NGK's employee-focused initiatives

Protecting Human Rights and Establishing an HR Committee

The NGK Group complies with international human rights standards and respects all aspects of employee diversity, including racial, nationality, and gender diversity. Our basic hiring policy is to recruit diverse personnel and to provide them with stable employment and equal opportunities. In April 2020, we established the HR Committee as a cross-sectoral, deliberative body tasked with ensuring that corporate activities have a stronger focus on human rights and that important personnel issues are addressed by the NGK Group as a whole.

In fiscal 2020, we will focus on the following human rights initiatives.

  • Development and announcement of human rights policy
  • Expansion of human rights due diligence across the entire NGK Group
Flowchart showing formulation and expression of human rights policies. We started drafting policies in July 2020, and after soliciting in-house and external feedback and making final deliberations, we plan to announce our human rights policy in March 2021.