With Stakeholders

Dialogue Activities

System for Making Use of Customer Feedback in Management

Establishment of a Customer Consultation Helpdesk

As the top industrial ceramics manufacturer in the industry, NGK makes use of its accumulated technologies to manufacture and sell C1 home-use water purifiers and has mechanisms for reflecting customer feedback.
We set up an C1 inquiry service for customers to reflect customer feedback in our products and services.
During fiscal 2019, we received around 6,000 inquiries via phone and e-mail on various issues, including product performance, installation methods, and requests for brochures, repair, and installation.

Chart showing workings of customer consultation helpdesk dedicated to the C1 home-use water purifier. Inquiries to the helpdesk are relayed to the person in charge and each department.

Customer Cards

We also respond to various customer feedback provided on customer cards sent from the customers who purchased the C1.
Information on the customer card is added to a list and then used to improve the service we provide for our customers, such as notifying them when it is time to replace the cartridge.

Communication with Employees

The NGK Group implements a human resource system which enables every employee to perform at their full potential under fair treatment.

With Employees

Supply Chain Risk Assessment

In order to identify sustainability-related risks in the supply chain, the NGK Group relies upon the CSR Procurement Guidelines in selecting procurement partners as well as visits suppliers in order to identify high-risk procurement partners.

Communication Activities with Procurement Partners

Earnings Presentations for Suppliers

NGK held an earnings presentation meeting for major suppliers in June, which was attended by 236 participants from 130 companies.
In the meeting, the director in charge of purchasing first expressed gratitude for the daily transactions. This was followed by the Finance & Accounting Department's briefing on NGK's business results and an explanation by the Purchasing Department about efforts to tackle issues such as continuous communication.

Earnings presentation meeting held in June 2019 for suppliers.

Suppliers invited to the earnings presentation

Ongoing Operation of the Supplier Helpline

In 2008, NGK established the supplier helpline system. Receiving consultation via e-mail, fax, and telephone, we make an effort to respond with solutions quickly.

Supplier Helpline

Visiting Individual Suppliers in Japan and Overseas

In order to ensure procurement from the most appropriate suppliers, NGK visits individual suppliers in Japan and overseas to conduct on-site audits, evaluating their QCD (quality, cost, and delivery) performance in a fair and equitable manner. In fiscal 2019, we visited a total of 90 suppliers: 11 new suppliers and 79 existing suppliers.
Following the visit, we explained audit results to each company, and asked them to conduct improvement measures in underperforming areas. Through these activities, we strive to strengthen our QCD management system as well as to communicate with our suppliers to forge a relationship of mutual trust.

Supplier Training-driven Support Efforts

The NGK Safety Cooperation Conference hosts meetings for facilities and equipment construction-related supplier members. These meetings are used as opportunities to share accident and disaster case studies, as well as to provide safety-related lectures.
The fiscal 2019 meeting was attended by around 15 people from NGK and 130 people from 85 conference member companies. The keynote address was on the topic of communications focused on on-site accident prevention.

Monitoring Activities Aimed at Suppliers outside Japan

We systematically undertake quality audits of our suppliers outside Japan.