Human Resource Development

Basic Guidelines and System

The NGK Group puts its Group Philosophy into action by ensuring that people remain our top priority as we pursue a mission of “Enriching Human Life by Adding New Value to Society.” We do this not only through the educational programs that we offer but also by cultivating work environments and supportive supervisors capable of ensuring that each employee is able to contribute and independently grow through the work that they undertake within the environment in which they are placed.

Basic guidelines for human resource development.

NGK undertakes systematic human resource development, which encompasses every job category in Group companies in Japan, from employment to every promotion milestone in their career.
The education and training that we provide employees across the NGK Group, in conjunction with their departments and with the aim of putting the Group Philosophy into practice, is divided into three areas: “Personal Character” needed to tenaciously pursue results through teamwork, “Professional Competence” needed to cultivate a distinctive skill set and a proactive approach to problems, and “Compliance Requirements in Job Performance” needed to recognize and act upon responsibilities as a member of society.

Key Personnel Competencies

In order to improve the managerial skills of key personnel and, thereby, contribute to greater organizational vitality, we have defined the “key personnel competencies (behavioral traits)” that are expected of key personnel in NGK.
As the diversity of our human resources continues to increase, we want to put in place a structure that promotes a shared awareness across our company to enable key personnel to effectively contribute to business performance.
We have established key personnel competencies for the sake of achieving the following aims.

  • Ensure key personnel have a correct understanding of their expected roles so that their performance meets the expected contributions of those roles to company development.
  • Ensure key personnel candidates have a clear vision for themselves, and promote their growth towards recruitment as key personnel. The creation of key personnel competencies was used as an opportunity to conduct a 360° survey (multifaceted evaluation) of all key personnel.

Training Participant Summary

(total participants)

FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Total participants 3,988 4,002 3,889 4,661 4,685
Key personnel 892 933 1,132 991 813
General employees 3,096 3,069 2,757 3,670 3,873

Average Time Spent in Training Annually per Employee


FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Total participants 21.0 24.8 21.7 21.3 21.4
Key personnel 15.3 13.1 15.6 12.8 12.3
General employees 22.5 28.8 23.3 25.0 23.7

Average Annual Cost of Training per Full-Time Employee

(¥10 thousand)

FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Average expenses 7.8 7.0 6.6 6.3 5.3

Note: Calculated based on actual achievements from FY2015.

Fiscal 2020 Company-Wide Education Scheme

Company-wide education scheme for fiscal 2020, which has educational programs for everyone from newly hired employees to management personnel.