Disclosure of Corporate Information

Basic Approach

NGK is engaged in the maximization of corporate value through two-way communication with shareholders and investors, including efforts to provide accurate and timely explanations regarding management conditions and polices.

Disclosure of Corporate Information

We will release, in an accurate and timely manner, any information sought by the public; including information on our management, finance, products and services to improve transparency in management and to gain society's trust in NGK Group companies.

Behavioral Guidelines

We will promptly disclose any information required by society in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and our internal rules.
We will establish and adequately operate a mechanism for internal control relating to financial reports to disclose accurate financial information.
We will make good faith effort to answer any inquiry from customers pertaining to our products and services, providing responses in an appropriate manner.


Pick Up Topics

First Participation in the Nikkei IR Fair for Individual Investors

In August 2017, NGK participated in the Nikkei IR Fair, an investors exhibition hosted by Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc. at Tokyo Big Sight, where we set up a booth for the first time. In the two-day event, a total of 106 exhibitors from listed companies and trust fund managers welcomed a total of 17,000 individual investors. NGK welcomed around 500 visitors at its booth, presenting business details and growth potential. Through the opportunity for direct dialogue with current and potential investors, we were able to raise their interest in our company and deepen their understanding of our business.