Implementation of Fair, Free and Transparent Transactions

Basic Approach

The NGK Group has established the Basic Purchasing Policy in an attempt to conduct fair and honest business transactions and to prosper together with all our procurement partners.

Structures and Systems

Supply Chain Management System

At NGK, the Purchasing Department is responsible for managing suppliers based on the Supplier Management Regulations. Management targets cover all the tier 1 suppliers and selected suppliers in tier 2 and beyond, including materials manufacturers.

Promotion of CSR Procurement

In accordance with our supplier selection policy, we preferentially select CSR-aware companies and purchase CSR-based materials and products.

Ongoing Promotion of CSR Procurement

CSR Procurement Guidelines

We have created the CSR Procurement Guidelines to promote CSR procurement across the Group including at overseas Group companies.

CSR Procurement Guidelines


Increasing Understanding of the Purchasing Handbook

We have created the Purchasing Handbook to summarize internal rules for purchasing engagement. We periodically review the Handbook and make efforts to better familiarize personnel with the tool.

Procuring Resources and Raw Materials Responsibly

We conduct procurement activities in consideration of impacts on regional communities of the use of raw materials with the potential to cause social issues such as human rights violations and poverty.

Improving CSR Procurement

We have launched activities to improve the understanding and practice of CSR procurement, such as visiting individual suppliers and performing on-site inspections.

Organizing Purchasing Liaison Meetings for Overseas Group Companies

We hold meetings for purchasing functions of overseas Group companies to promote appropriate activities and improve their relevant expertise.

Selection of Suppliers Based on Fair and Honest Evaluations

To select the best possible suppliers, we perform fair and honest evaluations in terms of CSR initiatives, including environmental efforts, as well as QCD (quality, cost and delivery) capabilities and financial conditions.

Promoting Business Continuity Planning (BCP) through the Diversification of Procurement Sources

To ensure uninterrupted procurement in the event of a disaster or any other emergency, we promote the diversification of suppliers and review sourcing plans.