With People

Respect for Humanity and Ensuring Comfortable Working Environments

The NGK Group implements a human resource system which enables every employee to perform at their full potential under fair treatment.

Basic Approach

In the NGK Group Guidelines for Corporate Behavior, our relationship with employees is based on the idea of "ensuring respect for humanity and comfortable working environments" and defined as follows.

Basic Information on NGK Group Employees

NGK Group Number of Employees

Number of employees
FY2013 13,210
FY2014 16,217
FY2015 16,657
FY2016 17,517
FY2017 18,783

NGK Employee Status in Fiscal 2017

Average age 38.7 years old (Men: 38.7 / Women: 38.6)
Average length of service 14.1 years (Men: 13.6 years / Women: 14.6 years)
Turnover ratio within 3 years among new hires 2.4%
Average salary 7,852,010 yen

Revision of the Human Resource System for General Employees

In April 2017, NGK revised its human resource system for general employees to enable all employees, from the young to the experienced, to work with enjoyment and fulfillment. As NGK develops its businesses globally and promotes the creation of new products and businesses, it is essential to motivate young and mid-level employees who will take on future key roles and encourage them to demonstrate their full potential. The revised system aims to build the environment that makes these possible.

Pick Up Topics

Developing an Environment that Allows Employees to Demonstrate Their Full Potential

In the new human resource system revised in April 2017, we have clarified what kind of human resources the company is looking for and developed a system that allows young and mid-level employees to demonstrate their full potential. I hope they can actively take on challenges to move to higher stages. This system also allows mature workers to keep working in the same way until their retirement age of 65. I hope this revised human resource system can also increase motivation among women and encourage the NGK Group initiatives to promote women's active participation. We will keep on improving our human resource system by incorporating opinions from within our company.

Yuka Sugiura
Human Resources Department Manager