Respect of Humanity and Assurance of Comfortable Working Environment

Basic Approach

In the NGK Group Guidelines for Corporate Behavior, our relationship with employees is based on Respect of Humanity and Assurance of Comfortable Working Environment and defined as follows.

Basic Information on Employees

NGK Group: Composition and Number of Employees by Region

NGK Employee Status in Fiscal 2016

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Revision of the Human Resource System for General Employees

In April 2017, NGK revised its human resource system for general employees to enable all employees, from the young to the experienced, to work with a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment. As NGK develops its businesses across the globe and promotes the creation of new products and businesses, it is essential to motivate young and mid-level employees who will play key roles and encourage them to demonstrate their full potential. The revised system aims to build the environment that makes this possible.

Key Points of the Revised System

Qualifications - Developing a mechanism whereby all employees can take on challenges to move to a higher job grade.
- Clarifying the definition of each qualification.
Evaluation - Shifting from age-based evaluation to evaluation based on effort and result.
Retirement age at 65 - Maintaining the level of salary after age 60.

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NGK Report 2017 Basic Approach (PDF)