With People

Human Resource Development

At NGK, people are our most precious management resource. With respect for employee motivation and ambition, we engage in the cultivation of human resources who will lead the next generation. In recent years, NGK has concentrated efforts on the enhancement of training to develop future leaders to take management positions as well as globally minded personnel to support our overseas business expansion.

Promoting Systematic Education through Nearly 120 Programs

Using the major career milestones, such as joining the company or getting a promotion, as opportunities for career training, we have instituted and are systematically implementing training in four areas. In addition to required job grade-specific training, we have introduced around 120 different types of programs that run during the year.

FY2017 Training Scheme

On-Site Leader Development

We cultivate leaders who are motivated to pursue improvement, and this is done through the systematic promotion of worksite capability training. This training focuses on the fundamental elements of manufacturing, namely safety, environment, quality, deadlines, and cost, and is carried out within a framework that transcends just the factory itself.

Progress of Training Aimed at Strengthening Worksite Capabilities

Voice of an In-House Instructor

Deployment to Overseas Plants

NOx Sensor Production Supervisor, NGK Ceramics Polska (Poland)
Takuzo Shikimachi

I was assigned to the position of Production Supervisor three years after the Poland plant went on line. Although the plant's yield was steadily increasing, there was also a lack of clarity in standards and on-site rules, with sporadic defects and careless mistakes occurring on a daily basis. The local team members and I worked together closely and tenaciously to overcome language barriers, as well as a difference in approach to working hours, in order to address these issues. I do not consider the specific improvements we made to be the real achievement; rather, it is the fact that we put in place a localized system for the implementation of improvements. For this I am extremely grateful to the local team members who worked together with me.
In overseas manufacturing, when we, as leaders, seek to gain the trust of local staff in working with us to realize improvements, I believe it is essential that it be done via activities that become thoroughly integrated into local operations. For the sake of all my colleagues within the NGK Group, I will continue working to find and introduce best practices that produce results and enjoyably lead toward ongoing improvement.