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Human Resource Development

The NGK Group puts its Group Philosophy into action by ensuring that people remain our top priority. We do this not only through the educational programs that we offer but also by cultivating work environments and supportive supervisors capable of ensuring that each employee is able to contribute and independently grow through the work that he or she undertakes within the environment in which he or she is placed.

Human Resources We Aim to Develop

Fiscal 2019 Company-Wide Education Scheme

Fiscal 2019 Company-Wide Education Scheme

Corporate History Training

This training program looks at the history of NGK in order to reexamine the origins of our corporate activities, to reinforce our shared values, and then to prompt participants to think about how this impacts the way they go about their jobs. The program for newly appointed managerial personnel incorporates corporate history materials related to topics, such as globalization or diversity, which are assigned to each participant group, along with a worksheet, that they discuss in depth in relation to the distinctive character of NGK.
Education programs for other job grades are being steadily introduced, as well as programs geared towards Group companies outside Japan.

Comments from a Corporate History

Laurie McNichol

Training Participant
NGK Berylco UK
Laurie McNicho

I thought that the presentation about NGK's history and philosophy was first-class. It was very interesting to know how NGK has evolved over many decades into the great corporation it is today.
Great to see the various component parts that make up our vast organisation and seeing the numerous marketplaces that we compete in. It certainly inspired me and I believe that all colleagues will be even more highly motivated after seeing the presentation. The consensus during MI meeting amongst people I spoke to was that all were impressed by it and were motivated to endeavour to achieve even greater success for our group.
It was also great to learn more about the NGK philosophy. These are wonderful values and ones that all decent human beings would and should happily embrace in our business life and in our personal life. It espouses great teamwork and respect for others which is a fundamental base for current and future success for the individual and therefore the collective.