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Gallium Nitride (GaN) Wafer


Gallium Nitride (GaN) Wafer

Produced by NGK's proprietary liquid phase crystal growth method rather than the vapor phase growth method typically used in conventional GaN production, NGK's GaN wafers exhibit low dislocation density across the entire wafer surface.
These GaN wafers realize unprecedented ultra-bright laser diodes and high-efficiency power devices for use in projector light sources, inverters for electric vehicles, and other applications.


  • Realizes high crystallinity

    GaN wafers crystallized from a liquid-phase equilibrium system exhibit remarkably high crystallinity, with few dislocations.
    In addition to improving reliability, high crystallinity helps increase the output and efficiency of optical devices, RF devices, and power devices manufactured using these wafers.

    Cathodoluminescence image*

    High crystallinity

    High crystallinity

    High crystallinity

    Dislocations in a crystal are detected as dark spots in the image

    X-ray rocking curve measurement*
    Diffraction plane FWHM
    (0002) 50 arcsec.(typical)

    *Crystalline quality is evaluated by sharpness of diffraction X-rays.

    X-ray rocking curve measurement

  • Low impurity concentrations for high transparency

    Due to their low impurity content, NGK's GaN wafers deliver remarkably low light absorption coefficients and high transparency.
    High transparency suppresses light absorption in the elements of optical devices manufactured using these wafers and helps increase output.

    SIMS analysis
    Impurity element Concentration /ppm
    Li <0.01*
    O 2
    Na <0.01*
    Mg 0.2
    Al 4
    Si 1
    Ca <0.01*

    *Detection limit

    Absorption coefficient

    Absorption coefficient

Product deployment

Product deployment

NGK has already developed a mass production structure for two-inch-diameter GaN wafers for use in laser diodes and other light source devices. With use in RF devices*1 and power devices*2 in mind, NGK is currently striving to further increase diameter and reduce dislocation density, aiming to develop a mass production structure at an early date.

1 RF devices: semiconductor devices used for high frequency signal amplification in 5G wireless base stations, radars, satellite communications, etc.

2 Power devices: semiconductor devices used for high power control in inverters for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, solar power conditioners, etc.

Sample specifications
Item Unit 2-inch 4-inch 6-inch
Diameter mm 50 ± 0.3 100 ± 0.3 150 ± 0.3
Thickness µm 330 ± 30 360 ± 40 400 ± 60
TTV µm ≦ 20 ≦ 20 ≦ 50
SORI µm ≦ 25 ≦ 50 ≦ 100
Surface orientation - (0001) (0001) (0001)
Off-angle degree 0.5 ± 0.2 0.5 ± 0.25 0.5 ± 0.3
Dislocation density /cm2 ≦ 2x106
Carrier concentration /cm3 ≧ 2x1018
Resistivity Ω・cm ≦ 0.02
Gallium-face - Polished and surface treatment
Nitrogen-face - Lapped and etched

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