HICERAM Wafer with Via


  • With HICERAM's high density and strength, ultrathin via substrate under 100um thickness has been made possible
  • Contributes to low profiling of Wafer Level Packaging.


High Purity Alumina (HICERAM)

  • With its high resistance, low thermal expansion, and high heat conductivity, it serves well as Via Substrate for Wafer Level Packaging.
  • By use of Ag-Pd and NGK's original technology, conductor with secured airtightness has been made possible
  • Wafer sizes available up to 8inch.

Comparison of Material Properties

Wafer Diameterinch 4 - 8
Wafer Thicknessmm 0.05 - 0.15 (4Φ)
0.2 - 0.3 (8Φ)
Via Metal Ag - Pd
Via Diameterum 50 - 60
Surface Roughnessnm Ra : < 5
HermeticityPa*m3/s < 1x10-7

Possible Applications

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