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Kilns for Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC) Manufacturing Processes

For More Effective and Efficient MLCCs

The processes used to produce high-quality MLCCs require high precision atmosphere and temperature controls.
NGK enables high capacity, high-quality MLCC manufacture through roller hearth kilns (RHKs) featuring precise atmosphere and temperature control technologies over a broad range of temperatures—technologies developed through NGK’s deep experience with ceramics manufacturing.

Roller Hearth Kiln

NGK Roller Hearth Kilns (RHKs): Features

Precise atmosphere control

NGK’s roller hearth kilns (RHKs) allow precise kiln atmosphere control such as of temperature, oxygen partial pressure, hydrogen concentration, and dew point, enabled through NGK’s unique spray-type vaporizer. This leads to improved quality and yields in MLCC manufacture.

Rapid heating-up

The system allowing rapid heat-up at Δ8,000 °C/min enabled through optimized kiln configuration and high thermal conductivity/low thermal capacity NGK SiC (NEWSIC) setters eliminates problems associated with MLCC electrode failure and contributes to the development of high capacity products.

Stable Conveyance

NGK’s proprietary roller drive unit configuration and know-how cultivated over the years since development of the RHK ensure precise and stable conveyance. This minimizes unexpected kiln outage due to conveyor problems and assures high plant productivity.

Scope of Application to MLCC Manufacturing Process

NGK’s roller hearth kiln can be used for heat treatment processes within the MLCC manufacturing process, such as for primary and secondary binder removal processes, sintering processes, reoxidation processes, and electrode baking.

Scope of Application to MLCC Manufacturing Process

Results of Numerous Introductions in MLCC Manufacturing Processes

NGK has numerous results of roller hearth kilns introduced in MLCC manufacturing, for primary/secondary binder removal, sintering, reoxidation, and electrode baking processes. To date, NGK has delivered over 100 units for use in MLCC manufacturing processes and has received much praise from customers for its high-precision atmosphere control technology, which itself draws on the technical strengths that led us to developing the world’s first atmosphere roller hearth kiln. Our extensive experience and proprietary technological strengths ensure high product yields, improved product quality, and high plant availability for our customers.

Test Kiln

NGK offers roller hearth kilns for testing prior to purchase, including test baking using actual production conditions. Please inquire for more information.

Rapid Heating-up RHK (5 m length)

Incorporating a proprietary NGK vaporizer, this roller hearth kiln is capable of precise atmosphere control and testing based on actual production conditions.
It also allows test baking with rapid heating-up at 8,000 °C/min.

Rapid Heating-up RHK (5 m length)

Circular Atmosphere Batch Kiln

Using vertical carriages, this batch kiln allows test production with four piles × 30 setter stages. Each pile and carriage can be rotated independently to ensure uniform atmosphere and temperature, resulting in improved product quality.

Circular Atmosphere Batch Kiln

Refractory Materials Used in Kilns

The remarkably thin form and light weight of NGK refractory materials, including baking setters and saggars, realize improved productivity and energy efficiency. NGK offers an industry-leading range of kiln furniture essential for baking electronic components and ceramic products.

Refractory Materials Used in Kilns

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