Roller Hearth Kiln

Roller Hearth Kiln

Roller Hearth Kiln (RHK), which is a roller conveyor type kiln, makes whole firing process from conveying the products to packing one continuous line. This contributes to the great reduction of manpower, and the shortened firing time results in the energy conservation. Since RHK is constructed tough enough to withstand rapid heat up and cool down, the flexible operation, which meets any firing condition, is available.

Firing kiln for lithium-ion battery materials

The Roller Hearth Kiln is a continuous rapid firing kiln that transports the products on rollers inside the kiln.
This system is able to provide firing conditions that meet our customers' needs through the use of atmosphere control for air, N2,O2,N2+H2, and other atmospheres, as well as precision temperature control for each temperature zone (preheating, firing, cooling).
We offer integrated systems for production of the cathode material and anode material used in lithium-ion batteries.


Temperature 1000℃,1200℃,1400℃
Atmosphere N2,O2,N2+H2,Air
Heater type SiC heater, Gas
Roller NEWSiC, Mullite

Features of Roller Hearth Kiln

1.Improves product performance.

Atmosphere control technology

O2Atmosphere control compatible with O2 concentrations from below 50 ppm to 99% or more.

Flow of air supply/exhaust

Lateral cross section
Lateral cross section
Longitudinal cross section
Longitudinal cross section

2.Reduces costs (saves time, space, etc.).

High productivity

The use of NGK wide rollers and multi-row tray transport, yielding more than 1.5 times the conventional productivity.

Reduces costs

Energy saving

The combination of low thermal conductivity insulator and 6-row tray transport reduces energy consumption by 30% or more.

Atmosphere gas volume

The use of a special seal structure and flat ceiling in the drive section reduces atmosphere gas volume by 20%.

3.Promises stable operation.

Reduced contamination

The use of ceramic components eliminates metal contact.

Total engineering for preceding and following systems

Complete powder handling from material supply to product exit.

Rollers for stable product transport

The use of a universal joint supported on both sides prevents meandering.

Sagger transport system for firing of lithium-ion battery cathode material (example)

NGK has an extensive successful record in firing kiln systems, including transport systems, for the cathode materials of lithium-ion batteries.
We will provide the optimal system for each type of cathode material and production volume.

Sagger transport system

Diagram of the transport system (PDF:102KB)

NGK Kiln Components and Materials

NGK Kiln Components and Materials

NGK manufactures its own high-quality kiln components and materials.

NGK Engineering Support

NGK Engineering Support

Support for stable Roller Hearth Kiln operation is provided by original NGK analysis software that utilizes results data.

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