Ceramic heaters


Ceramic heaters

These heaters are designed to support and heat silicon wafers. They are made of aluminum nitride (AlN), which has outstanding thermal conductivity. They are co-sintered with resistance heating elements to provide excellent thermal uniformity, and reduce metal contamination.


Excellent thermal uniformity and wide operating temperature range

These heaters are made of high thermal conductivity material (AlN) and provide excellent thermal uniformity over a wide temperature range (up to 800 deg.C)


The resistive heating elements and bulk RF electrodes are co-sintered in AlN ceramics, and the ceramic shaft is directly bonded to the heater plate.

High corrosion resistance

These heaters have superior corrosion resistance against halogen gas and oxidizing environments.

Wafer chucking function

RF electrodes are co-sintered in the ceramic plate. These electrodes can be used as electrostatic chuck electrodes for wafer chucking.

Wafer thermal uniformity (φ300 heater) E.g., ~600 deg.C<±0.1%
Wafer thermal uniformity (φ300 heater)
E.g., ~600 deg.C<±0.1%


Size Compatible with 200, 300 and 450mm wafer
Power supply 100〜200V×15〜50A
Electrode Ni rods / cables are brazed or screwed to the terminal
Material AlN

AlN material properties

  Aluminum Nitride
HA-12 HA-37/38 HA-50/51
Purity [%] 95 99 99
Density [g/cc] 3.3 3.3 3.3
Volume resistivity [Ωcm](RT) >1E+15 1E+8〜+13 >1E+15
Heat conductivity [W/mK](RT) 170 100 80
Coefficient of thermal expansion (RT) 5.7(1000℃) 5.6(1000℃) 5.6(1000℃)
Intensity [MPa](RT) >300 >300 >250
Young's Modulus [GPa](RT) 300 300 300
Dielectric constant (13.56MHz、RT) 8.6 8.8 8.6

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