Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy

The Sustainability section of our website keeps stakeholders up to date with the NGK Group's ESG (environmental, social, governance) efforts, which aim to support a sustainable society. The site features NGK policies, measures, and data. For more information on our ESG efforts, see the NGK Sustainability Data Book 2019 (PDF).

Period Covered

April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019. Some facts outside this reporting period are also included.

Disclaimer Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

The forward-looking statements disclosed here, including business forecasts, are based on information that NGK has gathered and on reasonable assumptions made by NGK management. Due to various factors, these forward-looking statements may not be attained as described.

NGK Report

Read about the strengths of the NGK Group and how it is supporting sustainable development in society and around the world.

Sustainability Data Book

See detailed information about the NGK Group's ESG performance.