Basic Approach

Communication with Stakeholders

In addition to promoting understanding regarding the NGK Group among customers, suppliers, shareholders, investors, regional communities, governments, international organizations, universities, research institutes, and employees, we are continuously improving our activities and initiatives through dialogue with all of our stakeholders.

Diagram showing relationship between the NGK Group and stakeholders. Customers, suppliers, shareholders, investors, regional communities, governments, international organizations, universities, research institutes, and employees are all connected to the NGK Group.

Basic Approach

In the NGK Group Code of Conduct revised in January 2019, our commitment to “Disclosure of Company Information and Accountability” as a part of stakeholder communication is expressed through the following.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders Approach Communication (objectives) Communication (methods)
Customers To earn and maintain the trust of customers, we engage in the creation of new value through the provision of products and services realizing global environmental conservation and social safety and peace of mind from a long-term and global perspective.
  • Enhance customer services
  • Quality improvement
  • Official website
  • Contact desk
  • Participation in exhibitions
  • Open innovation
Procurement Partners With a basic policy centered on the three principles of openness and fairness, partnership, and relationship with society, the NGK Group is engaged in fair, free, and transparent business transactions with the procurement partners in our supply chain. We also established a supplier helpline to provide unwavering support for important inquiries in an effort to build and maintain fair supplier relationships.
  • Realize fair, free, and transparent transactions
  • Exchange information with suppliers
  • Establish better supply chain
  • Financial results presentations
  • Supplier helpline
  • Individual visits to suppliers in Japan and overseas
Shareholders and Investors The NGK Group aims to meet expectations for enhanced corporate value through dialogues and efforts to disclose information pertaining to management, finance, products, and services in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Enhance corporate value
  • General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Information sessions
  • Individual visits and interviews
  • Participation in IR events
  • Responding to ESG investment
  • Official website
Employees The NGK Group strives to create a safe and comfortable workplace environment with respect for employee humanity. We also support the growth of human resources and fair treatment enabling each employee to maximize their skills.
  • Respect the human rights of employees
  • Develop safe and comfortable workplace environments
  • Conduct surveys on workplace environment and employee satisfaction
  • Inculcate corporate philosophy and policies
  • Company newsletter
  • Global MIZUHO English-version company newsletter
  • In-house video newsletter
  • Intranet
  • Labor-Management Advisory Board meetings, regular Labor-Management Council meetings
  • Survey on workplace vitality
  • CRS (Corporate Risk Survey)
  • Helpline
  • Hotline
Regional Communities We proactively engage in social contribution activities in response to community needs with the intent of becoming a corporate citizen trusted by society with concern for social issues in all countries and regions where we do business.
  • Contribute to regional communities as a trusted corporate citizen
  • Collaborative activities with NPOs, etc.
  • Volunteer activities by employees
  • Social contribution activities in cooperation with labor unions
  • Invitation to plant tours and events
Governments and International Organizations We proactively participate in international initiatives and other activities in order to realize mutual cooperation as key actors seeking to resolve social issues.
  • Promote initiatives to solve social issues
  • Participation in international initiatives
Universities and Research Institutes Through research and educational activities based on industry–academia collaboration, we have been pushing forward with the development of scientific technologies and other technologies that will contribute to solving social issues.
  • Develop scientific technologies
  • Develop technologies that will contribute to solving social issues
  • Joint research