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Filter for Molten Aluminum


molten aluminum filter

NGK molten aluminum filter removes foreign substances and other inclusions from molten aluminum in the production process for aluminum rolled products, functioning to improve the quality of aluminum beverage cans, foils, and other products.


  • Excellent filtration efficiency

    Relative large inclusions are trapped on the filter surface (surface filtration), while smaller inclusions are trapped inside the filter (internal filtration). Internal filtration performance is proportional to the specific surface area inside the filter, and needle-like boric acid aluminum crystals increase the surface area of the WHITE FILTER by more than 200 times compared to conventional products.

  • Excellent corrsion resistance

    The boric acid aluminum crystals in the WHITE FILTER' s bond has no reaction to molten aluminum. Consequently, the bond has no corrsion at all after long use.

  • Excellent properties at high temperature

    The strength of the WHITE FILTER doesn' t drop until extream high temperatures because, the melting point of Boric acid aluminum is at 1400°C or more. Also, as the thermal expansion of Boric acid aluminum is small, so is the thermal expansion of the WHITE FILTER small and the stress at high temp. is kept at a bare minimum.


Types of cartridges

  • 7-tube type
  • 8-tube type
  • 14-tube type
  • 18-tube type
  • 22-tube type
  • 28-tube type

NGK can supply plate type filter.

NGK can supply plate type filter.

Chamber for filter cartridge

Each filter cartridge set has an appropriate chamber to suit. There are also single and double type chambers.

Chamber for filter cartridge
Chamber for filter cartridge
Comparison with conventional containers

White filter characteristic table

Bond type

M bondG bond91 bond
Purpose High purify General General
Chemical composition Al2O3-B2O3-MgO Al2O3-B2O3-MgO-SiO2 Al2O3-B2O3-MgO-CaO-SiO2
Form Crystalline
Length of crystal 30µ 10µ 10µ
B typeC typeD type
Permeability (l/min) 1850±150 1600±100 1450±100
Max. pore size 450µ 370µ 320µ
Average pore size 200µ 160µ 120µ
Porosity 37±3% 37±3% 37±3%

* The G bond permeability is 50 L/min higher.

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