Hi-Performance Ceramics Business

NGK's Hi-Performance fine ceramics deliver innovations in semiconductor manufacturing.


Fine ceramics are materials that deliver useful properties beyond metals and plastics, including greater strength, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance.

NGK makes the most of these properties across a wide range of industries. Through products like heaters and electrostatic chucks that realize dramatic innovations in semiconductor manufacturing processes, we're making the most of the limitless possibilities of fine ceramics.


Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and etching processes are essential stages of semiconductor manufacturing. The equipment used in these processes must be able to handle silicon wafers, heat them uniformly, and protect them from corrosion caused by gases and plasma. To meet these needs, NGK makes the most of the distinctive properties of various materials, including aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramics, to deliver products such as electrostatic chucks, heaters, and various other components used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Product lineup

AlN heaters Using highly heat-conductive AlN, these heaters deliver outstanding temperature consistency through the uniform sintering of resistance-heating elements and significantly reduce metallic contamination and impurities.
Electrostatic chucks Electrostatic chucks demonstrate high strength, heat conductivity, and heat and shock resistance. Thanks to our proprietary volume resistivity control technologies, these chucks are compatible with a wide range of temperatures.
Components Using advanced manufacturing technologies for AlN and alumina ceramics, we supply components in a wide range of shapes.

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