Industrial Process Products

State-of-the-art ceramics
that continue to meet industry needs for new technology

We offer a full range of devices and equipment essential to manufacturing processes for various products. Including highly chemical- and corrosion-resistant devices and separation-membrane equipment, our products play essential roles in key production processes.

Glass-Lining Products Glass-lined steel is a corrosion-resistant compound material that fuses the outstanding properties of glass and metal. Based on our partnership with De Dietrich of France, we've added this state-of-the-art technology to our lineup of products ranging from chemicals to medicine and fine chemicals.
Ceramic Pump & Vacuum Pump NGK offers pumps, valves, linings, and other products made from corrosion- and heat-resistant materials, including chemical industrial ceramics and Teflon. Our products are backed by a track record in processes and industries, ranging from petrochemicals and fine chemicals, that demand strong corrosion resistance.

Equipment and systems for manufacturing lithium-ion batteries

NGK's technologies achieve innovations across a wide range of processes in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries.

Wavelength-control drying systems using the power of light

This new drying equipment based on infrared light was developed independently by NGK.

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