Mesh Belt Kiln


The Mesh Belt Kiln is a continuous kiln that transports products using a metal or resin belt conveyor. A gas supply and exhaust system can be installed and a heat source can be selected according to the process conditions.

Mesh Belt Kiln


  • With this heating kiln, products can be transported and heated while stationary on the conveyor, reducing the risk of displacement between entry and exit.
  • The transport method can be switched easily between takt and continuous transport to match the product and the preceding and following equipment.
  • The NGK original ceramic heater and air blow system deliver highly uniform heating.
  • The kiln provides advanced atmosphere control.
Illustration of Air Blow System
Gas Supply System
  • Gas can be supplied from front/back, left/right, or top/bottom.
  • The gas flow rate can be controlled.
  • The dew point (D.P) can be controlled.
  • Includes an oxygen concentration gauge, hydrogen concentration gauge, and dew point gauge.
Exhaust System
  • The exhaust flow rate can be adjusted using the ejector exhaust mechanism.

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